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The term has nothing to do with cookies, where Gomez used it, and the producers for some reason only showed giggly reactions from the two gay male contestants which made it obvious the joke was about wet assholes and made the joke just awful.Especially when Gomez seems like he's totally gay himself.Top Chef: Just Desserts judge Johnny Iuzzini is okay with naked photos from his gay fans.Iuzzini, who has been named one of the 10 best pastry chefs in America by Pastry Art and Design magazine and is a James Beard Foundation Outstanding Pastry Chef of the Year nominee, appears alongside judges Gail Simmons, Dannielle Kyrillos and Hubert Keller on cabler Bravo's all-dessert spinoff of Top Chef.I loved Iuzzini in Top Chef Desserts so it's not like I don't appreciate him.BTW, Gomez's joke about soggy bottoms in the first episode was so weird.Most of my friends were gay for a long period of my life, so for me I embrace the culture.” And he added another example: “I got an email yesterday …a guy sent me a picture and said, 'I'd love to suck the cream out of your cannoli.'” Top Chef: Just Desserts season 2 premiered on Wednesday, August 24.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America with over 20 years of kitchen experience, Iuzzini honed his craft at such highly regarded restaurants as The River Café, Daniel, Payard, Café Boulud, and Jean Georges. The black queen with the white blonde hair - does his gramma know that he craves hard cock just as much as she do? Another terrible attempt to break the show in the US.Mel and Sue would've made fab jokes about Americans. He is a judge on the ABC show, The Great American Baking Show (formerly The Great Holiday Baking Show). In conclusion, let us end this post with the sexiest Johnny Iuzzini photo we’ve ever come across. Let us hope it will good solid ratings so we will be ogling more Johnny Iuzzini in the years to come.

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Gay male entertainment website After spoke with Iuzzini and Simmons to find out how they felt about their gay fan base.

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