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Hopefully we won’t see a paid for piece in a gossip mags soon declaring their love for each other. I only just read that he has an older daughter (about 15yrs old) by his first wife/partner. They’re both adults and know what they’re doing if they are or are not having late night exercise sessions with each other.To be fair this pair don’t normally hawk their private lives out so would be surprised if an article like that appeared. But like RR said, we can’t believe what is in the goss mag. An exhausted Commando to Michelle, as puts his hands behind his head and contemplates the ceiling while smiling blissfully: “Do you smoke after sex? I’ve never looked.” An exhausted Commando to Michelle, as he puts his hands behind his head and contemplates the ceiling while smiling blissfully: “Do you smoke after sex? Also, just as a technical note you said they harp on about integrity and being true to *yourself*. Based on the sentence construction, lying to everone else is a-ok.and if it was for ratings they would have let all this slip at least a month ago – the show is almost done.LOL I haven’t used or seen the word “shagging” in years.She is also a qualified personal trainer with a Certificate III & IV in Fitness and a Diploma of Sport Coaching with a specialisation in martial arts.

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As for Michelle and him in a relationship, who cares, didn’t even know there were rumours until I saw this post. nothing like living on the edge LOL Helen, thank goodness we are all attracted to different people… they get humiliated just to be on TV, sadly they learn zip Trainers: Bark / Bully Contestants: Barf, Cry, Train Repeat seepi, didn’t Adro become a PT?

Rationing food like that is not even eating in moderation…. Some of the winners of the US BL have gained it all back and some… The contestants aren’t taught how to adjust to life after TBL, they cannot not eat and train all day.

trainers Commando and Michelle Bridges are shagging has taken on more importance then where is the Holy Grail.

Today the Daily Telegraph is reporting that Commando and Michelle turned up at the Instyle Awards last night and Woman’s Day are reporting a hot and heavy romance in this week’s edition.

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