Intimidating things to say before a fight

Instead of meeting with union leaders, he launched an investigation of the five representatives involved in the survey, who ultimately received an official letter of reprimand, Gottlieb said.When it came to improving the disciplinary climate at the high school, “nothing changed at all as a result of that,” he said.The vast majority said that they had been cursed at or disrespected in the halls, and that combative teens frequently burst into their classrooms while they are trying to teach.Discipline problems, teachers say, have been festering for years.

Toyman was recreated as a thoroughly creepy Psychopathic Manchild. A pair of Kryptonian criminals were paroled from their extradimensional prison, only to wreak havoc on Earth. They tell adults who dare confront them to “get the [expletive] out of my face!“Students jostle each other, scream aggressively, and always seem to be on the verge of a fight,” one staffer wrote anonymously in a school-climate survey that the teachers' union, the Cheltenham Educators' Association, delivered to high school and district administrators in February.The series would be followed by Clark: Well Lois, (*lowers his glasses*) the truth is I'm actually Superman in disguise, and I only pretend to be a journalist in order to hear about disasters as they happen and then squeeze you out of the by-line.Loitering bands of aggressive, cursing students own the halls, constantly fighting or kicking each other. ” Those descriptions of life at Cheltenham High School come from faculty members who have been warning administrators about an out-of-control climate of violence and disrespect that left them feeling unsafe, if not terrified, long before a student brawl on Wednesday injured seven teachers and three security officers.

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