Hispanic dating traditions

If however, the quinceanera is not Catholic, there are alternative churches where they can have ceremonies or they could have the ceremony completely separated from the church service.In such cases, the families write their own ceremonies and can choose one family member to preside over the ceremony and even officiate all the blessings.After service, the young lady can now make a devotion to the Virgin Mary by presenting her with a flower or a bouquet to the statue at the church where she attended her mass.The priest then has the duty of blessing the quinceanera, which is just the beginning of the real celebrations, sounds exciting!

Among the Aztec Indians, a girl was considered ready for marriage at the age of 15.

After the readings at mass and the gospel and homily, the girl proceeds to renew the vows she made at baptism and then the next step is to commit herself to the Virgin Mary and most importantly, God.

This is when the girl’s parents and god parents can present her with lavish gifts off all sorts.

This is one of the most interesting quinceanera traditions.

Customarily, the first dance is usually for the quinceanera and her father.

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