Harry potter dating game girls common dating issues for young adults

The kind of relationship you are drawn to is all good and well if you're just looking for some fun, but it's likely to fizzle and fall apart once the newness wears off — case in point: Ron and Lavender.

You're cool, unconventional, and have an individual style and approach to life that your significant other shares with you.

You have a unique balance between contentment and a restless itch to explore the world together!

In your relationship, you seek to be with someone who is your equal in all ways.

Description: Cooking with Harry Potter: A witch order Harry a dish with recipe given.

If Harry cannot finish this dish before the time runs out, he will be turned into a bat.

You're not the type to fall in love at first sight, but instead you've built your relationship on trust, friendship, and real love. ), you tend to gravitate toward people who are very different from you, but because of those differences, you end up complementing each other perfectly.

You are a soul mate seeker, someone who finds the person who fits with them like a missing puzzle piece — even if you don't act on it right at once.

Like Ginny and Harry, you know how to prioritize what's important and are able to see the bigger picture beyond just you and your significant other.When you're in a relationship, you don't let yourself get stuck in a rut. To some outsiders, it may seem like your relationship is a bit shallow (with good looks like Bill and Fleur, who can blame them?), but you and the people close to know that you love with everything you've got, no matter what.Everyone goes through the honeymoon phase, but yours seem to last a bit longer than most people's.You love the novelty of love, drama with your significant other, and the passion of romance and sex.

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