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Following his arrest in 2011, a federal grand jury named Stewart and several others in an alleged drug conspiracy.

He lived in a motel, dealt heroin, drove a car and "otherwise pretended to be an adult" at age 16, according to the factual basis underpinning his guilty pleas.

Such deals are essential to the federal court system, said , a former federal prosecutor."They have to do that in order to persuade people to cooperate, which is an important part of breaking up the drug gangs.

They have to be able to create an incentive," Tetlow said.

A handful of admitted gang members who pleaded guilty and turned government witnesses set authorities straight on those and other killings, Ranier told the jury.

Those members identified shooters, weapons and motives in a host of killings by a group that sought to lay claim to the heroin trade in both neighborhoods, Ranier said.

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