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The result being that quite often she was top-billed while playing essentially supporting parts in her own pictures. Judging by the opening credits you would expect Miss Davis to be the female lead when in fact she is not.

She plays the “other woman” in a part with much less screen time than either George Brent or Ann Dvorak (the titular housewife).

After the war Brent resumed his law practice in Alexandria.

On 27 April 1870 he was one of more than 300 persons in the Supreme Court of Appeals in the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond when the floor collapsed.

is proof that Warner Brothers Studios didn’t really know what to do with Bette Davis in the years leading up to her superstardom.

George William Brent (August 1821–2 January 1872), member of the Convention of 1861, was born in Alexandria, a part of the District of Columbia until 1846, the son of George Brent, collector of the port of Alexandria, and Elizabeth Parsons Brent. She died on 15 November 1848, and on 30 January 1851 he married Lucy Goode, daughter of Thomas Goode, proprietor of the Hot Springs in Bath County. Late in 1851 Brent was elected to a one-year term in the Senate of Virginia representing the counties of Fauquier and Rappahannock.

Douglas, the nominee of the Northern Democratic Party.

On 4 February 1861 the citizens of Alexandria County elected Brent to the state convention called to consider the question of secession.

She was quite striking looking with deep beautiful eyes and was underrated as an actress.

Here she is more than adequate, but to see her really shine watch either .

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True to his promise in his March speech that "my lot is cast with that of Virginia; come weal, come woe," Brent obtained a commission as a major in the 17th Regiment Virginia Infantry on . In March 1864 Brent was back in Richmond, where he presented a report on the hospitals used for prisoners of war in the city.

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