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Should my courtship techniques be the same as when I was in my 20s? Question from Randi: What do you think about long-distance relationships? They take a lot of attention, by e-mail, by phone, sacrificing money because the cost can become difficult.

Taking a walk, for example, can put a lot of pressure on two people who have just met. Question from Jeannie from Cleveland: My 22-year-old son lives in the house and I want to date. You might meet your early dates outside the house, or not bring them to the house unless the relationship is becoming more important. I don't think it's fair, but it's probably true that gray hair is a signal to men that a woman is older and he may or may not like her ability to embrace her own aging in that way. There are also sites that are primarily about friendship or finding someone to do things with. However, if you are conservative about sexuality, try and date someone who is also conservative about sexuality, and wants a deeper commitment first.

I think people should go out with the people they are attracted to.

We don't call Demi Moore a cougar — we just think of her as beautiful, famous, talented, and with good taste. But I don't think that attraction is all about how you look. And if you pick somebody who you feel good with, your friends will be happy for you. You will be around someone who shares your passions, and have a lot to discuss.

"You may be on the lookout for a life partner, but this is putting the cart ahead of the horse.

It can lead to arguments and uncomfortable moments if the two of you don't exactly see eye to eye.On the other hand, if you went with a buddy, you could have fun even if there was nobody interesting there.So if you have a friend who will make any trip interesting no matter what, then give it a shot.For some people, it also makes them feel like you're rushing the relationship. "Too much about yourself suggests you are too self-involved," stresses physiologist and author Karen Sherman, Ph. "Asking too much about the other person feels uncomfortable and like you're a detective." 5. Between texting, tweeting, posting, and liking, it can be hard to remember life outside the screen.According to licensed psychologist Kimber Shelton, "If marriage and kids are important to you, there are general questions that can give you an idea of someone's desire or feelings toward having a family, such as, 'Tell me about your family? "Texting at the table may make your date think that you are not taking this seriously or are simply not interested," explains professional matchmaker Audra Chandler-Blakley. "First of all, this is dangerous, since, even if you know the guy and think he's a pussycat, he might turn into a tiger when you're alone with him," says bestselling author Carole Lieberman, M. "Also, it will inevitably lead to boredom or sex, and you don't want either on the first date." 8. If you really want a committed relationship and for your date to take you seriously, don't have sex with him right away.

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But just so you know, I was the lead witness against the don't-ask-don't-tell rule in federal court and I testified for gay marriage in Hawaii, and for gay adoption and foster-child placement in Arkansas. Just because you have had some intimate relationships that didn't work out, that doesn't predict the future. If you like to hike, you are likely to meet men who like to hike in a hiking club.

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