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Nevada also has a state song, “Home Means Nevada,” which was written by Bertha Raffetto and adopted in February 1933.

Nevada is a jewel with many facets—from its desert landscapes to its towering mountain peaks; from pristine Lake Tahoe to the unparalleled Great Basin National Park; from its rustic small towns to the glittering Las Vegas strip to the fastest growing cities in the United States.

Gambling was legalized in the State of Nevada in 1931.This class focuses on matching breath with movement and postures are changed at a faster pace, sequenced to flow easily together.These classes are open to everyone with the recommendation that those who are new to yoga try a Basics or Hatha Flow class as an introduction to Yoga before coming to a Vinyasa Flow.“Nevada” is a derivative of a Spanish word meaning snow-clad.The official colors of Nevada are blue and silver, and one of Nevada’s nicknames is the Silver State.

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