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“It was scary,” says his close friend and songwriting partner Odie Blackmon, “seeing him go through it and knowing that the music was some kind of therapy.But I’m glad he did it.” With his recently released greatest hits album topping the country chart, Allan, 39, is currently recording new music and, as he tells CINDY DAMPIER, still trying to make sense of a tragedy he never saw coming. She was a flight attendant, and she was riding home to Dallas. I was going to wait for this big moment and then couldn’t.When we moved, Angela had a lot of allergies, and the allergies would trigger migraines.Her migraines were so bad that she would black out and have to go lie down.

Allan's third album, Smoke Rings in the Dark, was his first one for MCA Nashville (to which he has been signed ever since) and his first platinum album.

” People pray for you to get better, but if you get better too fast, they look at you funny. Someone told me you’ll just wake up one day and you’ll have a little spring in your step. I woke up one day 16 months later and thought, “Hey, I feel pretty good.” I still think about her.

We bought the house and decorated it together, and I love it.

I said, “Just puttin’ memories away.” And then I laughed and said, “Let’s write that song.” And that’s when I realized, I’ve got a lot to say right now. But what I realized is that music was my only real escape. I didn’t want to take anything for my own depression; I didn’t drink, nothing—I just didn’t want to drop the ball.

A doctor told me, “You need to find a way to reach inside of yourself and be happy, make yourself laugh.” That stuck, and I ended up taking an antidepressant.

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It was about 12 o’clock at night, and she came over and sort of hassled me about what I was watching. I took care of it all.” She sat there for a minute, and she said, “Would you go get me a Coke? Looking back, Angela took care of everybody but didn’t make it to the doctor to take care of herself.

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