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then like one week after knowing each other we hooked up. and every time we would hang out we would have sex. the more we hung out the more i wanted to be with him. Taurus dont wanna get hurt I think they feel as deeply as Pisces but again...unless you know what your lookin for the Taurus is just gonna look stone cold or broody or whatever depending on your point of view.

we hit it off right off the beat so it been 4 months since we've each other and it only took me like 3 weeks till i was in love. With a "healthy" Taurus if your seeing him and someone else at the same time they are gonna see it as your cheating on them once they get intimate with you..just the way it is...a Taurus bonds with you then they dont exactly see you as "theirs" its more like they cant understand why you would want to be with anyone else....yeah that means exactly how it sounds - this guy fell for you and now he is not AFRAID of gettin hurt - he IS hurt.

Finally my sweet dear Pisces Girl - I keep stressin "healthy" Taurus because Taurus is infamous for their stubborn streaks and their flashes of anger. Back in Oct 2009 he told me that he could not be with me because he could not give me what I deserved.

I mean men are bad at talking as it is but Taurus men? They do communicate - but in their own way and its not verbal. They look at you and they think to themselves ah...love of my life how lucky I am! It is not about mind reading either - If your Taurus looks at you for more than a few seconds without saying anything then looks away try going up to them and taking their hand then look them in the eyes for a second or two (no more than that) and kiss them like your on your first date - do NOT say anything at any stage of this. " Just tell them "I saw the love in your eyes for me and I had to." Then turn and let go of their hand slowly and gently let your fingertips linger on his for a second as you walk away - and go do something else....might take a hour might take a day but your Taurus will do something sweet for you or will ask you something about you to try to relate to you on a verbal level (they dont want to they just want to return the percieved attempt at understanding) or hug you from behind (that is a big deal to a Taurus when they do that - they are saying they feel comfortable with you and they want to know your safe and that you feel safe with them - so enjoy it when they do and dont assume it means they want anything - if they are doing it for any other reason you will know. If anyone figures out a way round that one I would love to hear it.

haha i know its totally Pisces of me too do that but i wanted closure and i wasn't going to give up until i got it.

I don't know what it is about him that has me so confused. He makes me so angry and I could think that I hate him, but the next day he may call me to see him and I'm right there excited forgetting what I was angry about the day before. He loves to spend time with his friends, do what men do (whatever that might be) and will put those friends before me. Exposing that vulnerable side of ourselves does NOT give us the upper hand. I am a Taurus male and althougth our signs do not rule us or give any insight into personal problems we may have througth bad experiences....

Maybe it is his ability to work so well with his hands. But when we are together the vibe and chemistry there is magnetic. We will keep you at arms length just to keep you on your toes. I will say that this whole idea of you txting him and him not answering is SO taurus and you being hurt by it is SO pieces.

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