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We attentively stare at the photos for 20 solid minutes, while our listeners privately discuss body shaming and double standards, or whatever.

Read More Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST.

★Beat*Shot Mission Statement: We discuss our new mission statement and codes of conduct, and invite supporters to weigh in.

We also hash out what you can expect from Beat*Shot in the weeks and months ahead.

Discussion topics include: ★Special Guest Bartender: Jennifer Marie volunteered to use her mixology skills on our dwindling supply of Albany Distilling Co. ★Decluttering: We look at the spiritual and emotional benefits of throwing shit in the trash—from “stuff” to people we’ve outgrown.

★Sitting For Justice: We discuss Colin Kaepernick’s recent protest of the national anthem, and what the backlash exposes.

Discuss their upcoming project, Fuckboyz NBeatz and bump their newly released single, “Hats.” ★Hat Trivia: Trivia about hats, naturally.

★Turkey Sammiches: A detailed discussion of leftover etiquette. : We discuss some of the many hats women have worn throughout herstory, and the reasons history has tried to make us forget.

Plausible or far-fetched, tweet yours to @Beat Shot Radio #We Need This.(Example: A dresser that can fold clothes #We Need This!) Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST. : The Beat*Shot brood gets kicked to the curb this week, as four fabulous femmes take their place.★Indefensible: Following the recent #Pack The Court action in support of the UAlbany Three, we take a look at a new documentary that helped change the narrative.★We Got It From Here: We review A Tribe Called Quest’s first studio album Beat*Shot Radio Takeover airs live on every Tuesday night at 9PM EST.

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Discussion topics include: ★Special Guests: Jacqui Williams and Amani O help us navigate the elephant in the room.

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