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It also includes various social sciences like anthropology, economics, psychology, and sociology.

For just a sampling of the many fields and applications of STEM, check out “What’s a STEM Career? The gender disparity in STEM professions around the world is an increasing problem.

In pursuing their passions, girls become energized and confident in their own abilities and are better able to contribute to their communities. Many of the activities are also aligned with Common Core State Standards.

STEM fields also offer better opportunities for employment. Our is designed to be used in a variety of classroom settings, including homeschool, elementary and secondary school, and university classes.

Fast forward 1,500 years to the city of Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia. She was known for distilling flowers, oil, calamus, cyperus, myrrh, and balsam in water, then filtering the solution several times in order to make perfume.

There, we find the first known chemist in history: Tapputi, who lived in the second century B. Stories of girls like Merit-Ptah and Tapputi—girls in 'STEM fields'—are found throughout history.

You are the inspiration that makes all that we do and dream of possible.

It also prevents girls from becoming the researchers and innovators that make new discoveries and help solve social and environmental problems around the world.Yet during the Renaissance, the number of girls in these fields decreased for various reasons.New social norms and stereotypes would dictate the place of girls in STEM fields over the next several hundred years.Fantasize about having sex with your partner and talking dirty to him.You can start by doing it in your head, but eventually do it out loud." -Cory Silverberg, Guide to Sexuality for "Put yourself in the right mindset.

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