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When he is a teenager, the wild boy and his brother Toothless helps their own against humans, becoming a mysterious legend among Vikings.

But both boy and dragon will have to face danger when they are captured by Stoick the Vast, who helds a grudge against dragons. Hiccups life was normal, and at the age of 25 he decided it was time to look for someone to settle down with.

And what she really doesn't know is that this little incident will inspire her to think about things she'd never allowed herself to consider before. Escapar fue la solución, pero ahora debe luchar contra su pasado con tal de tener la esperanza de un mejor futuro para él y para los suyos.

(Unrelated to my other story)Popular college student Ymir tries to flirt with Christa after spotting her in the library. Two worlds are brought together by a fragile bridge of trust from an encounter at the County fair. But can Hiccup's world stay the course or will life after High School be too much?

Things progress a little differently once she finds out that Christa is deaf. How uncharacteristic of me.]Hiccup is a distant student suffering from anxiety and over the years has drifted out of the crowd and away from his friends, who he misses. Promises are made but only to haunt Krista and Ymir. Astrid finds out the one leading the dragon raids is in fact Hiccup who disappeared four years ago.

As they lay in bed, Krista asks Ymir a strange question. " Ymir x Krista/Christa/Historia One-Shot AUWhen Hiccup finds he has shot down a Night Fury in the woods, he is cursed to live the life the Night Fury has. In fear of what would happen should he return to Berk, he hides away for five years until he is discovered by a certain blonde Viking of his past. Hiccup is a prince living in his older brother's shadow.

Their paths cross when Astrid is thrown into the Selection, a competition to win the heir, Prince Eret's, heart.

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Forming an odd friendship based on their hatred of Eret and the palace, she discovers her world isn't as simple as it seems.

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