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If your child is considering stopping medication talk to your doctor and work together with them to find some compromise that will ensure continuing wellness but address their concerns about the treatment.

Supportive counselling is a treatment for milder forms of depression, where it is as effective as antidepressant medication.

Note: Over the age of 16, young people are treated as adults in terms of consent for assessment and treatment.

For most, a combination of medication and talking therapies such as counselling can be effective. Finding the right medication can be a matter of trial and error – there is no way to predict which medication will be effective and tolerated (have fewer troublesome side effects) by any one person.Depression can start at any age – from childhood through to old age.Very severe depression can result in symptoms of psychosis (loss of contact with reality).Depression can be effectively treated, and people will usually recover from it.The earlier effective treatment is started, the better the chance of recovery.

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These include: Symptoms of depression usually develop over days or weeks, though you may have a period of anxiety or mild depression that lasts for weeks or months beforehand.

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