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I didn’t truly appreciate Toronto’s general quirks and its not-so-subtle queerness until I went to school and began working downtown and even just talking about the city with Camilla and Mere for this guide.

We’re incredibly fortunate that, for the most part, being queer is largely incidental.

It’s telling that the first time any of us had been to the Gaybourhood in the past six months was to write this guide. In years past, Church was pretty much all there was – gay clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and shops dominated primarily by gay men (but with a lesbian and trans* presence).In my experience, Toronto has the distinct ability to bend and flex to be everyone’s home.It still makes me cheesy-grin that I can call it mine.Having lived in a handful of fairly exotic cities during my transient and wanderlust-ful early twenties, Toronto is actually the first city that I’ve not gotten itchy feet over after 12 months plus.There are a lot of things to be said for the wildly multicultural character of the city (half of the population was born outside of Canada) but through my own happy accidents and researching for this guide, there’s also a ridiculous amount to be said for the raging queer character of the city, which is integrated so seamlessly into the whole.

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Ossington is a relatively new stretch of excellent restaurants and bars.

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