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I didn't have the heart to cull the offspring so I took them on a train ride and released them among feral pigeons in a city 50 miles from my hometown. I own this to My Grandfather Harold J Hoffman SR In which has a Breeding stock of White Homers and white/grey wing saddle blue bars. Again thanks for all the info you have provided on this site3/5/2015Hi everyone. I do a lot of research in the internet about pigeon article but never come across the very useful and great information like you are.

As I got home I spotted them sitting on the roof... It seem to me that your knowledge about racing pigeon is quite deep into details which I don't think that other people will have.

he also dances for me, puffs out his chest and coose in my ears.

his name is walter.9/27/2014I grazed through the site for a while..was very impressed.... I will be referring a bunch of people to it at the Los Angeles Pigeon Club meeting next Thursday.... Drew Lobenstein8/10/2014I found your article on "cherry" ash-red look alike very interesting.

Thank you for your well written and above all, accurate genetics pages. I have a pigeon that I rescued as a baby with a injured wing, brought him back to health, and now he dosen't want to leave.

He has made friends with my 5 dogs and even my 1 cat. Loves to sit on my head or sholder and will follow me from room to room.

If I get time to pick this hobby up again I might go for rollers, tumblers or homers. Now that I'm retired, I can devote more time and effort into developing a racing stock - with a lot of help from my local club.7/24/2016Moving to California late summer. We will be telling our pigeon friends to check this out! Peggy and son Rob Rohan Farm1/9/2016I love your website, I belong to the (FVC) Fernando Valley Racing Pigeon Club of Los Angeles. I live in Marysville California.8/24/2015Your site has been amazingly helpful tonight. I have homers so that I can train my hunting dogs but they have become pets to us.

I have some beautiful birds and am thankful to learn more about them... 10/5/2016Hello, I am assistant facility maintenance manager at a boarding school in Northfield Massachusetts and also take care of that husbandry program interested finding people to donate pigeons to our startup programs. Sincerely, Sue Ann Goodfellow Kelly7/16/2015I was away for two weeks and returned to a nest with two eggs on a small ladder leaning against the eaves.

Got to see my roller when he just learned he could roll and my frillback and fan tail cross are gorgeous././ 11/2/2016 Lds NTNFf OA Hello! I have some birds coming from foy's pet supplies, and One egg hatched and it has been a delight to watch Harpo develop.

I read your page about lethal mutations and found it to be very informative and interesting.

Thank you.5/4/2014Very good article on the history of the NBRC. I understand the progression and problems associated with clubs particularly roller clubs as I have been involved in creating 3 of them.

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