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In these cases it is hard to conceive of any explanation other than infidelity on the part of the woman—a hypothesis supported by the observation that female-positive discordancy is more common in polygamous marriages, where a wife is competing for attention from her husband, than in monogamous ones.

The reason this matters is that, hitherto, policies designed to curb the spread of by curbing infidelity have relied on surveys that asked people about their behaviour.

All too often, however, media portrayals of immigrants feature a single Hispanic male without status. Until the 1960s immigrant men outnumbered immigrant women.

In reality, immigrant women in the United States—both documented and undocumented—comprise more than half of all U. immigrants, start businesses at higher rates than American-born women, and are often the ones that push hardest in their families to become American citizens. But after the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which largely shifted the United States to a system of family-based admissions, more women began to arrive.

IN AIDS epidemiology, one orthodoxy—particularly in Africa, where things are at their worst—is that the main route of transmission is male promiscuity. And to the extent that women give it to men, it is because they have acquired it in the first place in unequal partnerships, such as prostitution, based on male power or male patronage. But perhaps not quite as much as orthodoxy would have it.

Of course, in this most political of diseases, political correctness is , so it is not put quite like that. For work by Vinod Mishra of Macro International, a research firm under contract to the American government, suggests women are not always the innocent vessels that Implementers' Meeting held last week in Kigali.

Despite the vulnerabilities and barriers immigrant women face, they continue to make important contributions to our society and our economy.

The study concludes, “Women may well be putting devotion to the wellbeing of their families ahead of personal pride in choosing the journey to America.” 5.

These women are now more likely to own their own business than American-born women—9 percent to 6.5 percent, respectively. Immigration enforcement is taking its toll on immigrant families.

Rising deportations of undocumented immigrants are separating children from their parents.

A 2011 report from the Applied Research Center found that more than 5,000 children living in foster care had parents who had been detained or deported from the United States.

They estimate that another 15,000 children will end up in foster care in the next five years because of immigration enforcement.

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