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The law applies even after the death of an alleged victim.

Further, the federal Clery Act requires campus officials with responsibility for student or campus activities to report serious incidents of crime to police for investigation and possible inclusion in campus crime statistics.

A verbatim excerpt:"[We] were falling asleep & then i heard the [door] open & some other guy walked in & locked the door & i couldnt really see who it was & i never saw a face the whole time....

but i remember just sitting upright in bed at the sound of someone walking in.

He said information about the alleged rape reached athletic officials only after she died."No one on the coaching staff ...

and no one in our administration nor any staff members were, to the best of our knowledge, ever told about this event while Sasha was alive.

The alleged victim, a member of the swim team, committed suicide in 2011.

For most of 2010, Missouri swimmer Sasha Menu Courey harbored a secret: She believed she'd been raped by a football player.

Menu Courey committed suicide in June 2011, about 16 months after the alleged assault.

But it's clear she believed she was raped by at least one assailant, allegedly a football player.

Menu Courey described what happened to a rape crisis counselor in an online chat.

Had Sasha told any of our staff that she felt she had been assaulted, we expect that our staff would have reported it immediately to the proper authorities."On Thursday, after being shown medical records by "Outside the Lines," Moller said that the university, in declining to launch an investigation, is honoring what it believes were the wishes of Menu Courey, who never reported the incident to police.

"An important consideration in deciding how to address a report of a sexual incident is to determine what the alleged victim wants," Moller wrote in an email.

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