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Directed by: Wes Craven Written by: Wes Craven What it's about: Mari Collingwood (Sandra Cassel) is raped and murdered by escaped convicts. To be fair, Weasel (Fred Lincoln) totally deserved it, but you'll definitely think twice about where you put your penis — not that you shouldn't already!

When the perpetrators show up at the door of Mari's parents, Mr. Directed by: Nicolas Roeg Written by: Allan Scott and Chris Bryant What it's about: After the drowning death of their daughter Christine, John (Donald Sutherland) and Laura Baxter (Julie Christie) take a trip to Venice, where they meet a blind psychic (Hilary Mason) who claims she can see Christine.

I ignore it most of the time, because most of the "conversations" I get are just people looking for sex or flings.

I actually tried looking for friends on it last week since I'm living in a different area now.

I didn’t put any money into it but if you do that you’ll lose that money on top of any friends you’ve made over the app.

I was starting to gain a sizable collection of photos and they all had over 20 likes.

Directed by: Paul Morrissey Written by: Paul Morrissey What it's about: Baron von Frankenstein (Udo Kier) is obsessed with creating a master race to serve him, and he hopes the head of a lustful stableboy (Joe Dallesandro) will speed up the breeding process.

Directed by: David Cronenberg Written by: David Cronenberg What it's about: Dr. Luc (Paul Hampton) races to stop the spread of a parasitic organism that causes uncontrollable lust in its host and is passed from person to person by sexual transmission.

What it'll make you afraid of: The inextricable link between sex and death.

You might think you and your wife are finally moving past the death of your daughter, but you'll later flash back to that passionate fuck-fest when you're bleeding out.

What it'll make you afraid of: Being betrayed by your partner into carrying the demonic spawn of Satan.

Also, post-sex scratch marks will now have you questioning whether you actually did the deed with the devil. What it'll make you afraid of: A blow job with teeth.

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