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Talk about synchronicity: a real-time news item that highlights Not only are the wheels off this juggernaught, the undercarriage has been shredded and the oil pan is on fire.My take on all this is that we have three years to watch Bushco systematically gut the entire foundations of modern conservativism through the rot of Republican corruption, ineptitude, deceit and mismanagement. Because this man represents far more of a threat to this country and its values than al Qaeda. Other Stories according to Google: JP Fitness: Seymour Hersh & the Neocons | THE NEWS BLOG | Not Your Father's America: January 2005 Archives | | Daily Kos :: Seymour Hersh: Next stop, Iran | | | | | I've only heard that word successfully used once without making the speaker sound like a complete jackass, and she was using it as a sound effect, not as a noun. In addition, she was young, trendy, attractive, and black.In the past, Tehran has often threatened the Gulf States.Now that Iraq is gone, it is hard to see how anybody except the United States can keep the Gulf States, and their oil, out of the mullahs' clutches.For misleading the American people, and launching the most foolish war since Emperor Augustus in 9 B.C sent his legions into Germany and lost them, Bush deserves to be impeached and, once he has been removed from office, put on trial along with the rest of the president's men.

Zogby | Adrift and No Substantive Debate | Iraq Occupation and Resistance Report | Washington News | Forward Newspaper Online: Costly Withdrawal Is the Price To Be | Nieman Watchdog Al Jazeera is a hell of a lot more professional news organization than Fox News, and it knows a hell of a lot more about the value of freedom of speech. Actually, the main propaganda outlet for the Islamist radicals and Iraqi rebels is the Bush regime.Other Stories according to Google: Crack Party - In Britain, Tories get a taste of what lies ahead | More Blog, Less Thought - Your mother-in-law drives like a third | Backpack Gear Review - /reviews/Packs/Internal and External | concept of " paper or vapor . of the phrase "audit trail " to mean something Re: [ieee] Re: Verifiable . Verified | EDUCAUSE | Professional Development | EDUCAUSE 2000 | Detailed Conference Agenda | A Comparison of Exhaust Condensation Trail Forecast Algorithms at | California Wild Winter 1999 - Reviews | Jodi Picoult | Vanishing Acts | REUSABLE LAUNCH VEHICLE CERTIFICATION Mr. I'll tell you, the people that talk to me now are essentially frightened because they're not sure how you get to this guy. You write, "Current and former military and intelligence officials have told me that he president remains convinced that it is his personal mission to bring democracy to Iraq, and that he is impervious to political pressure, even from fellow Republicans.Six, that freakishly festive old bald guy (actually, probably not old) with the oversized glasses and bad makeup is won't be invading our televisions again with his manic dancing and annoying "We Like to Party" song. He's not an appealing character, and he would seem to frighten some children. They also say that he disparages any information that conflicts with his view of how the war is proceeding." Those are incredibly strong words, that the president basically doesn't want to hear alternative analysis of what is going on.This is simply too frightening for words to think that no one can tell the This just in!!!!John Warner (Armed Services Chair) is publicly pleading for Bush to go before the American people in a "fireside chat" format, to explain what the hell is going on in Iraq.

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Otherwise I might have to think uncharitable thoughts about Republicans!

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