Everything i know about dating i learned through surfing

The savage, dread-inducing flows kill more beachgoers each year than any other threat and Mac Mahan, a professor of oceanography and a strong swimmer, was following the “swim parallel” gospel, paddling steadily.But as he thrashed in the cold Pacific, the rip refused to relent. Mac Mahan, it’s important to note, had done this to himself.A rip current expert at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, he had volunteered to subject himself to the rip for a safety video the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization was filming.With plenty of experience, he wasn’t in serious danger.Panicked victims often try to swim directly back to shore—against the powerful offshore flow.Swimmers familiar with rips might try swimming parallel to escape.To keep up with growing interest, a program called Surf and Impact was formed.

Bentum, Ghana’s best surfer is from Busua — about four hours west of Accra.

“When you’re talking about surfing, they don’t normally count Ghana,” he explained.

“When you travel to South Africa, it is an African country but all the surfers are white people.” Star surfer Bentum helps out too, teaching them lessons every Friday after school.

Bentum walked confidently with his surfboard in one hand and giving the signature “surf-ups” symbol with the other.

As long as the children around him continue learning the ways of the waves, he said surfing in Ghana is here to stay.“It's not only Europeans surfing.

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