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I think I was taken advantage of because someone knew there was something about me that they could exploit." At 29, Evan Rachel Wood is a veteran in the entertainment industry with a list of IMDB acting credits that date back to 1994.She currently plays Dolores on HBO's sci-fi drama 'Westworld.' Here she is pictured with her co-star James Marsden.Mickey, 56, has also denied any relationship with Evan.Evan Rachel Woods posed for Terry Richardson photos and talked to the May issue of GQ.With those big names alone, how could you not be excited for October 2 when it hits HBO?

Wood plays one of the artificial beings."Evan Rachel Wood: How wild past, personal demons prepped her for 'Westworld,' " the headline read. And on a separate occasion, by the owner of a bar.”She said she didn't want to talk about these episodes before because she didn't want to make it a "sob story" about herself. Wood has been open about her sexuality: She came out publicly as bisexual in 2011 and has called herself "gender-fluid." She was married to actor Jamie Bell and has a son with him, born in 2013.

Her Thirteen was all sorts of things when it came out: scary, eye-opening, awesome, and pretty damned edgy, considering it depicted thirteen-year-old girls doing drugs, stealing, punching each other, and even making out.

Even though I was single and having kids wasn't even a distant blue or pink speck on the horizon back in 2003, I repeated those words in my head every time I even heard the name Evan Rachel Wood.

At times, she's also had to deal with the usual rumor mill that comes with being a celebrity.

Remember the story about her and Michelle Rodriguez?

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