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Sex addiction can lead to many negative repercussions.

A person who has a relatively large number of compulsive sexual encounters might be at much greater risk of contracting an STD or putting him or herself in dangerous situations.

However, this type of disorder is not included in the DSM-5.

Sex addiction of any kind is marked by a loss of control: the person can no longer control the compulsion to have sex, despite negative consequences.

Additionally, even behavioral health professionals do not agree if sexual addiction is truly an addiction or, rather, if the condition is better defined as a compulsive behavior.

Many people casually use porn with no negative repercussions.

However, other people become consumed with pornography, leading to a negative impact on their relationships in a number of ways.

Presently, ASAM does consider sex to be a real addiction for some people.

(DSM-5), however, does not include a category of diagnosis for sexual addiction.

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