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In my previous Drupal tutorial video I showed you how to add You Tube videos to your Drupal 7 website using the Media and Media: You Tube modules. Now that you’ve successfully added video to your content strategy and to your Drupal 7 website, we need to utilize a universally recognized call to action: the Play Button.Use play buttons to guide users to your video content.The Image Cache Actions module actually provides a suite of additional image affects that can be used in combination with the core Drupal image styles.These effects include: You can apply CSS to create a Play Button overlay in many instances, however I find that utilizing the Image Cache Actions module provides a swift solution.For all other media in this listing, I am utilizing my image style image style.

The You Tube video thumbnail does not apply a Play Button overlay to distinguish video content from regular images nor does it trigger a call to action for users.However, its flexibility allows you to customize your You Tube thumbnail through Drupal image styles.The Image Cache Actions module let's us automate this process.Then, I’ll add an Overlay (Watermark) as seen in the image below. Use this tutorial to add play button overlays to your video content previews.The X and Y offsets configure the positioning of your watermark or overlay on your original image. These overlays act as call to actions, increasing click through rates and telling users to expect video content.

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