Drunk on live sex chat dating a terminally ill person

..not required to text-chat on by default, but the creators of this room have decided to require an account to access their room. Create Free Account If you already have an account you can sign into it here. The Girl Who Facebook Stalked"Freshman year I was at a college party with a bunch of friends, obviously drunk, when I met this cute guy.

) and scoped out the male selection – a girl should always locate her mark prior to getting drunk, else risk falling prey to beer goggles.

After the first beer, I was throwing the girl at the end of the bar death stares because he kept chatting with her as bartenders want to do – she was alone and reading a book (seriously, this was happy hour for goodness sake! By beer two, I was half listening to my friend (don't hate me), pretending like I cared about the basketball game The Bartender kept glancing up at and flashing the most dazzling smile I could muster.

Around beer three, four or five (never keep count after two), I was shamelessly flirting, laughing at things that weren't funny and annoying the crap out of my friend.

By the end of the night we were both drunk off our asses and had sex.

The next morning he wanted to 'talk about what happened.' I told him no and went on with my day.

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