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The situation doesn't improve when we look at the default permissions for the different types of AD objects (e.g., a user Class object).

As Table 1 shows, authenticated users are granted various read permissions, but SELF (i.e., the user, when accessing his or her own account) has the right to read all properties and to edit many of them.

Active Directory (AD) has decent capabilities for setting permissions on objects to allow delegated administration of items such as users, groups, or computers according to any security principal.

But when it comes to making specific data visible to only those users who need to see it, the default AD permissions can make the task rather complex.

When a user tries to access an AD object, the security reference monitor must evaluate the list of permissions in ACLs and compare them to the user security identifier (SID) and group SIDs in the security token, to determine whether access should be allowed or denied.

To do so, the security reference monitor processes an ACL, starting at the top.

The future articles in this series will show you how to get past this problematic behavior.

Without property sets, you'd need to apply many separate ACEs for each attribute.Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008 have included only minor enhancements with respect to setting permissions on AD data, which I'll also describe.Before we delve into the details of hiding data in AD, you need a good understanding of the challenge.By default, all authenticated users in an AD forest are granted explicit read permissions on any organizational unit (OU) that a domain administrator or delegated administrator creates.In this case, any logged-on user can see all objects within any OU in an AD forest.

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