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Clearly, you can’t get fair results by comparing apples to oranges.Garbage "Studies" In addition to all the reasons listed above, there was a big study that was flawed beyond reason.It’s so racist that they would include that in their data sample.That’s completely biased sampling intended to misrepresent Korean men and Asian men in general.

Blacks, in their warmer environments, had no such need so they appear larger in a flaccid state.

It found the average British man is only 5.1 inches long, rather than the often quoted average of six inches, while the average girth (circumference) is 4.7 inches. See Statistical flaws section to understand the numbers better.

Here are the raw results More importantly, here’s how to correctly interpret the numbers.

Japanese culture cares very much about “saving face” and making their male viewers feel empowered. There is No Correlation between Hand Size/Foot Size and Penis Size There is no correlation between hand size/foot size/weight and penis size.

This results in recruiting males with small to average penis sizes so the viewer doesn’t feel small. People watch western porn and think “whites and blacks have big penises” (not true) and then they watch Japanese porn and think “Asians have small penises” (not true). There is only a slight correlation between height and penis size.

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