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These nails are ones found in late Classicism (C-scroll Empire) and Victorian furniture throughout the rest of the 19th century.As good as these nails were however, they did have a drawback.Cut nails continued to be used early into the 20th century until existing stocks were used up.

In the American Colonies, one of the early industries to be well established, after glassmaking and spirits distilling, was the nail stock business.These early machines cut angular strips from a thin sheet of metal resulting in a nail with two parallel sides, representing the thickness of the sheet of metal, and two cut angular sides forming the point.The heads still had to be hammered by hand and these nails are easily confused with hand-wrought nails because they both have hand hammered rose-like heads. The machine made nails leave rectangular holes which are easily distinguished from the square marks of the earliest nails.They did not benefit from the hand pounding reserved for the making of hand wrought nails and thus were more brittle than earlier nails.This stiffness meant that they did not have the same internal clinching power as their predecessors and tended to snap off under duress rather than bend.

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