Dating women in the military

And most of all, she said, “I know I will have great personal satisfaction from my career as a soldier-physician.” Moghul has no regrets about choosing to enter the military.

“As of now, it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.” August 2008, right after becoming a first year medical student, contributed by Amina Moghul “Not all women in the military are butch! “We are strong women, and sometimes people can find that a little intimidating.

Allen explained that she is not only accountable for all of her government-issued equipment (which costs thousands of dollars!

), but she is also responsible for her fellow soldiers. “You never leave your wingman behind—you always have to help your wingman out…You definitely get the feeling that you have to take care of people around you, because if they go down, you go down too.” One thing military women and civilian women may have in common is, oddly enough, dating! She pointed out that most women in the military tend to date men in the military, just because they find it easier to make a connection with a fellow soldier.

They’re pretty similar to us—the one big difference? Read their stories to see what exactly that means when it comes to school, daily life, dating and everything else.

Her family couldn’t afford to send both her and her younger sister to college, and she knew if she enlisted, she would get her education paid for by the military.

“I had to do my ‘girl research’,” she said, indicating that she wanted to be sure she could keep living her life with all her girly comforts: cute shoes, Abercrombie jeans, manicures, and, most importantly, long hair! ” She spoke to hordes of recruiters and to her parents, and she has never regretted her choice.

The Air Force allows its soldiers to keep their hair long, and they even allow French manicures (or nude, pale colors—no bright red or green! “I only plan to do four years,” she said, “but I definitely understand people wanting to do it until they can retire.” In one word: yes.

“The quality of life of every American rests on the shoulders of the military and its capabilities to handle its duties,” she said.

“The biggest difference between being a soldier and a civilian is that there is a mental understanding that you are invaluable [in the Army].

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