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My love Katharine married me and I had one of those tunnel vision moments where I felt time stop and the computer in my head registering something for a long “save as” (happiest moment) to replace the previous “save as” (surviving Iraq).Earlier in the morning I had my sunrise cigarette and found myself overwhelmed with emotion as I understood that this beautiful day would never be known by the young men who died single in Iraq 2004-05 (Walter Sobchak) Semper Fidelis, something known only to a warrior.If I had not done everything I did the way that I did I never would have met my Mississippi bride in Portland, Oregon, she helps heal me and I now know what it means to be happy to be alive.

Death will eventually take us all as it has everyone before, but we as living human beings, despite origin in culture and religion, always seem to find it important to celebrate certain living things universally.

This moment was an opportunity for reflection; there was a girl I would write letters to when I was in Iraq back when I really didn’t know shit.

Now I know some shit and the shit that I do know is deep.

Of course, two of them were my parents, but blessed am I to have grown up with four of the greatest.

Many people were married when I was in the service, and today most of the couples have dissolved the ties that once bound them.

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Where I come from, it was strange not to have divorced parents.

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