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Gia would get up from bed at this time, but she took too much time toying with her stuffed toys in bed.Only about past nine o’clock would she take breakfast and then start her toilet routine which, including her bath, would be done with a few minutes past ten.Good thing Assumption was just a walk away, and she would make it to the school still with plenty of time to spare before the bell.A gust of breeze swept by, causing Ka Mao to cringe slightly. Pressing a finger on the swollen top, he betrayed pain.Ibang Aga at Angel ang mapapanood niyo, at kakaiba rin ang husay na ipinakita ni Jake Cuenca sa pelikulang ito directed by Olivia M. Sa ngayon eto pa lang ang pwedeng ipasilip sa inyo.Pero don't worry dahil sa May 11 ay mapapanood na natin ng buong-buo ang film.The foliage, consisting of hardwood and fruit trees which together with bamboo groves made up the landscape around the house, was virtually just silhouettes, unlike in summer when even at dawn the house already struck up some nice picture framed by green scallops etched in blue sky and accented by fire trees whose orange blossoms served to crown the steeply-inclined house roof.That had been his routine daily on schooldays, since by eight o’clock he should start attending to Gia, cooking her breakfast, then ironing her school uniform.

Kasabay ng pelikula ay naglabasan na rin ang mga sex-oriented stories sa komiks. Sex-comedy na ang bagong batch na ito ng babasahing pang-masa.Medyo na-miss ko kasing gumawa ng mga medyo 'seksi' na drawing.Ang kaibahan lang ng mga babasahing ito kesa noong 90s ay medyo 'classy' ngayon at para sa 'A' audience.Mayroon na ring mga underground pocketbooks na nagsulputan noon na very graphic ang description ng mga sex scenes.Naalarma ang maraming indibidwal at grupo sa pagsulpot na ito ng mga 'malalaswang palabas at babasahin'.

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At paglipas pa ng ilang panahon ay naglabasan na ang mga pitu-pito movies.

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