Dating rubenesque woman

I can be quiet at times but I also have a very fun quirky personality once I get to know someone.

They showered her with inanely supportive compliments and dubious advice, including "Give your arse to the light!

Reverse the genders of the characters in her story, and you’ve basically got mine.

*** I returned to my dorm room after a dinner date with my girlfriend of several months (neither of us were under the influence of any substance).

im very nice if you ask me for something 95 percent of the time i will give it to you. I'm funny , smart , thoughtful, respectful, loving, caring , compassionate, honest ,loyal, sexy at times LOL Can be Domm an submissive.

nothing pleases me more than cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie and hopefully kissing a bit during. I'm, easy going, I love to travel , enjoy the great outdoors, love to cuddle, make love , hug.

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