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Since the Great Recession, retirement planners have been moving to a different model.

Still, millions of pre-retirees are saying they can be happy with less—and data from the Fidelity survey bear them out.Sixty and Me is an online magazine and a global community of over 500,000 women over 60.Our mission is to empower and motivate women to find their own voice and value in a transitional time of life that offers so much new opportunity.That's significantly higher than the 34 percent of unmarried men, 22 percent of married women, and 12 percent of married men with a similar, meager amount in savings and investments.Single women "lack the financial security of a dual-earner household to support their retirement savings, along with the added income associated with dual Social Security and a spouse's retirement benefits," said Kim Mustin, co-head of global distribution at BNY Mellon Investment Management.

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