Dating pacific islanders or samoans

The land is divided into two recognized political territories, the United States Territory of American Samoa and Samoa, an independent country 15 times larger than American Samoa.

American Samoa is approximately 76 square miles and when including the 200 miles of surrounding territorial waters, the territory is approximately the size of the State of Oregon.

A number of natives of the Amazon rainforest may partly descend from peoples in the Pacific, researchers say.While one Asian type is similar to the vast majority of modern Native Americans, an earlier type seen in skeletons in Brazil and elsewhere resembled modern people from Australasia — a region that includes Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and neighboring Pacific Islands — and even some African groups.[In Photos: Human Skeleton Sheds Light on First Americans]To shed light on this mystery, scientists analyzed the DNA of 30 Native American groups from Central and South America and from 197 non-American populations sampled worldwide.Although a relatively small territory, American Samoa has a long cultural history.The Samoan culture is considered the oldest in all of Polynesia, an area in the southern and central Pacific Ocean that includes over 1,000 islands.

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