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But, even today, they don't have too many cross burnings or lynchings in our state.

Maybe some ignorant putz in a gas station may give you a dirty look, thats the worst of it.

However, if you both are part of the community, active churchgoers , etc, people will still probably accept you.

I'm considering moving to southern Oregon next year but this gas pumping thing seems ridiculous.

) We were thinking of moving to Florence OR but my wife is concerned because we are a mixed interracial couple, we would be treated differently every time we have dinner at a public place, or attend a movie or go to the grocery store together. Four years ago I was the male half of a mixed race (black/white) couple.

Personally, I see no color and it would not bother me but because she is concerned (and with due cause), I must be mindful of her feelings and concerns. (graduated top of her class in college) and she has been judged by both black and white people because of that. Does anyone here know how interracial (or black) people are currently treated or accepted in Florence OR? I moved from NYC (via Detroit, MI) to live in Salem, OR with her.

I will be happy to bring my Indian or Asian bride back here .

Of course , living in the city is always the safest bet, then some backward hillybilly or redneck town.

Portland is the capital of interracial dating - at least in the category of black men/white women. Considering the relatively low number black people you will still see many BM/WF couples.Don't expect to be hassled in any way, may happen in small hick towns but in portland no one pays attention to BM/WF couples.However, if you do happen to be a BF/WM couple you will receive harassment from black men. There is a strong vein of racism and bigotry in many black men who feel the freedom to express it openly.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

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