Dating my yamaha guitar

The last three numbers are just product numbers with no relevance.

So if the serial number was 90723264 it would be from 1969, July 23rd.

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In the 1960's and early 1970's, Carvin bought necks from Hfner, and used them on their own guitars and basses.

Hfner was founded in Schnbach, Germany in 1887 by master luthier Karl Hfner, and was the largest manufacturer of stringed and fretted instruments in Germany in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Most guitar manufacturers put a serial number on each instrument they produce.

This number can be used to date a guitar and in some cases tell where it was made.

Elliott Smith played and recorded with a Taiwan FG 180 if you want to hear the kind of sound you get from such an instrument.He has written music- and writing-related articles for various websites.Honestly I was quite surprised not to see a review of these guitars already on Ultimate-Guitar.His two sons, Josef and Walter, joined their father's company in 19, and they successfully expanded Hfner's worldwide market, enabling them to survive the years of recovery following World War II.Carvin's relationship with Hfner began in the mid-1960's, and would last until the late 1980's.

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Email the serial number to the manufacturer and ask for help.

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