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Kail has also not yet revealed a name for Baby Lo, sticking with the nickname she gave him before he was even born.She has, however, told tabloids that she has finally settled on a name, but is going to wait to reveal it when the time is right.Hi, honey, I'm the Hot Nude Babe from your debauch dream!Here you can find Playboy Movies, Photos, Archive, Clips, Pictures and Videos with me and my friends - Best Sexy Playmates.And in this case, the update with Javi is that he appears to be eager to settle down with Lauren. “We decided we’d give it a try officially at the wedding this past weekend.” Marroquin adds: “I don’t want to make the same mistakes with prior girls I met.But soon.” If confirming the relationship to media outlets is Javi's way of taking it slow, we'd hate to see what it looks like when he rushes in.We suppose that's simply one of the prices of that level of reality fame.When the public takes such an interest in your personal life that it cares about who your exes date after you break up, you're bound to get updates on your former flames, whether you want them or not.

Recently, a woman named Dom has been appearing in Kailyn Lowry’s Snapchats, referring to herself as Kail’s girlfriend and even wearing a necklace that says “Kailyn” on a gold chain.

But this isn't just some social media rumor run amok.

Viewers have been given real reason to believe that these two may be an item.

It was finally revealed that the father of the baby was none other than her friend from university, Chris Lopez.

Although the pair shared a short relationship after her divorce from ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, the pair seem to be getting along despite Kail’s earlier reservations on his involvement with Baby Lo.

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In a recent interview, for example, Javi said he would be open to dating Briana, and photos like this one have been making the rounds online lately: Yes, that's Briana and Javi getting close in a club while Bri's sister sits nearby, looking very much like the third wheel.

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