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It is a most noble ruin, of immense size, and full of beautiful and romantic bits; there is a legend that a white lady is seen in one of the windows.

Below the abbey stands the ancient parish church of St Mary, perched on East Cliff, which is reached by a climb of 199 steps.

The favoured Gothic literature of the period was set in foreign lands full of eerie castles, convents and caves.

This contention has never been proven though and alternative theories have been proposed, such as the name meaning Streona's settlement.

Some believe that the name referred to Eadric Streona, The double monastery of Celtic monks and nuns was home (614–680), to the great Northumbrian poet Cædmon.

While staying in Whitby, Stoker would have heard of the shipwreck five years earlier of a Russian vessel called the Dmitry, from Narva.

This ran aground on Tate Hill Sands below East Cliff, carrying a cargo of silver sand.

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  1. Radiocarbon dating is normally suitable for organic materials less than 50 000 years old because beyond that time the amount of 14C becomes too small to be accurately measured.