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The following is a guest post from one such officer, a Lieutenant in the Surface Warfare community who has opted to remain anonymous for professional reasons. You now are the newest Ensign in the United States Navy, heading to a warship of your choice. There have been many advances in both the Navy and the American culture over the years. Unfortunately there are many junior officers who commit this crime, some unknowingly.Just keep in mind that there are some behaviors or actions that women officers must be aware of to be viewed as competent professionals. From an informal look, there are many more female SWOs who ruin their careers with “frat” than males.Perhaps, if one of them would like a letter of recommendation after you detach, you can give them your email address (a professional one like [email protected]) and you keep the correspondence professional.

They listen to the same music, watch the same TV shows, and often have the same things in common.

Another example: I was invited by one of my petty officers to attend a farewell party for one of my Sailors. By treating all of your Sailors equally and professionally, you will have no problems. A male division officer may speak of his latest conquest and receive high-fives and admiration, whereas a female division officer can say the same thing and likely receive negative feedback as well as a reputation stain.

None of the other divisional leadership were invited and many Sailors from the command would be attending (i.e. 2) YOUR PERSONAL LIFE- KEEP IT PERSONAL – As a newly reporting female division officer, you will be the subject of much interest. The Navy is working hard to change this but it still remains in many areas.

The Chief and one of the LPOs had families so they celebrated elsewhere. Your division does not need to know about your boyfriend or the bars you go to on the weekends.

I stayed for the dinner portion, but when they decided to go to the bars, I took my leave. – Fraternization begins as a slippery slope-spending time one-on-one in divisional spaces discussing non-work related items, then “running into each other” out in town, then perhaps a closer relationship. – There still is a double standard in our Navy, as well as society.

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