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The company's success jumped in quantum leaps over the next several years.Similar to so many other start up companies, the genesis of CCBCO evolved from a humble beginning.Whatever the case, they soon moved again to a building previously known as the Garrett Hotel Annex, their base of operations for the next 60 years.At one time, some of the lure prep work was completed at other shops in & near Garrett.Legend tells us Henry visited George at his fishing cabin on Lake Wawasee in Indiana.

The town was incorporated in 1876 & named after the president of the B&O.

1916 is the year this company began official production on the first lure model, the Wiggler.

This enterprise was the brainchild of three men who lived in the sleepy northeast Indiana railroad town of Garrett.

Henry also received a patent in 1919 that hasn't brought the attention it should.

It was a process to paint a fish scale pattern on lures by spraying paint through a fine netting similar to a wedding veil.

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