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Because the vast numbers of Western men (or farang as you call us) are simply looking for the very same things in life, as you want.

Thai Romances is a dating and connection site with a difference.

This obviously means the average Thai girl who chooses to work the bar would find it difficult to find a wealthy Thai husband.

And believe it or not, he could have a third wife who he visited purely for sex.The difference is, Thai men might expect their wife to accept it, but a foreign man usually would not.There is a widespread belief that Thai men do not like to “marry down”, meaning they do not want to marry a woman from a poorer social class or background.I have seen many foreigners with a stunningly beautiful “trophy wife”.I’ve known elderly foreigners who’s wife seems to be blatantly waiting for him to die.

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I have some younger friends who attract the attention of, and court successful, rich young Thai women so wealthy they own their own Mercedes Benz I’m happy to say I know some fabulously happy Thai/Western couples, they have fantastic relationships and share a genuine love for each other regardless of race, culture, color or money. It doesn’t matter if it’s convenient, because the truth is, it usually is for both.

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