Dating black glass bottles

Bottles (and other artefacts as well) are covered in physical clues that can help date when they were made, thanks to modifications in manufacturing techniques and changes in style or fashion over the decades.

My description cannot do a visual comparison justice, however, suffice it to say that my recollection of that bottle's lip and this bottle's lip were that they were a matching pair of two, out of hundreds of black glass lips seen over the years.The bottle was subsequently purchased by the Noordsy's and sold from their website, where an image of the bottle and a description of their attribution, acknowledging Dale's opinion can be found here.Interestingly, while the vertical mold marks are not shown in the image, they are as I recollect, identical to the bottle here.It is by no means the only part, but it is an important feature of our work and one that can, on occasion, be a little bit frustrating.Today’s post is the first of three looking at how we date artefacts and assemblages; what this means for the broader archaeological interpretation of sites and people in the past; and some of the difficulties we encounter along the way.

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