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I do recognize that dating a resident could have negative effects, and I feel lucky I didn’t have any problems.

I do want to make it clear I’m not encouraging Resident Advisors to date their residents just to make the job easier.

No, you’ll probably have to take off your ring a lot anyway during procedures in the hospital because a ring isn’t sterile, so it doesn’t matter that much.

However, a lower setting for your ring might be easier for those times when you quickly pull on exam gloves to palpate skin or touch a rash.

And it is entirely possible to see your significant other frequently if you make time for it – I currently see my fiancé at least every other day, and if we can’t see each other in person then we talk on the phone.

I’m originally from Brentwood, Tennessee, and I came to South Carolina to attend college at Furman University where I was a music major, outdoor enthusiast and lover of life.

The rest of us love it when they bring their kids for a visit to school for an evening special speaker or for another event.

Yes, this is a real question that one of my classmates has been asked!!

We were all on a friendly basis, but it was never more than a, “Hey! If I did, I could run into problems with people on my floor disapproving, and I may be disrespected and looked down upon as an RA.

But after people on my floor started to find out I was dating one of their friends, I saw a change in the way everyone acted around me.

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If you got into medical school, chances are that you’re a pretty type-A, organized, diligent person already. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine – it’s the same time-management skills you’ll be using day in and day out during medical school.

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