Dating an ex boyfriend tips

His mysterious persona read to them as bored and unapproachable. I told my ex that I was really into camping, and next thing I knew, we were packing a tent, kitchen supplies, and sleeping bags into my trunk on our way toward Michigan.I soon discovered that his brooding ways meant I could no longer have fun at any social function. My sisters snickered, they didn’t think I could last.I get it, the whole sweet and simple way of life can be enticing—but it’s not realistic.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way: Don’t be fooled by their charm and nonchalant attitudes, men who insist they are "chill" and "laid-back" can be tough nuts to crack.It’s a struggle between wanting to know everything he did when you weren’t together and not wanting to know anything at all.You can’t help but wonder if this is really the best relationship you could have.It’s no fun to become their mothers, constantly nagging them daily about what they’re doing to figure out their career. You can’t make them into the strong and motivated man that you want them to be, they have to figure it out themselves. When things get serious, sometimes his “laissez faire” is more stressful than chill.Back in high school, there was nothing better than a tall handsome cool guy; I simply could not get enough!

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