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A rod spans the side of the plane, under which a lever cap is secured.

The lever cap has a large metal wheel on its underside, which, when turned, puts downward pressure on the cutter, directly below it.

Some owners worked them so hard that they had to replace one or several parts.

Some simply put the wrong bit in the wrong place, some customised their tools to suit their needs - the possibilities for change are endless.

having cranked out a load of them under their model number 104, which is usually found cast into the tool right behind the cutter.

Included here are all of the web sites to help date, or otherwise known as typing or type studies for vintage hand planes.

Sargent 1910 and before: The Sargent twisted lateral had 2 different guides, The type 2 (horseshoe style on the left) and type 3 (bent type on the right) Sargent 1911 and After: (Including Hercules) That lateral adjuster on a Millers Falls made plane. Note this twist is slightly different than the Sargent or Union.

Early Ohio Lateral Later Ohio Lateral That lateral adjuster on a Stanley made Defiance plane.

Stanley actively solicited ideas from tradesman, and others, for tools that they could make.

This plane is an example of one such plane, and in an early Stanley advertisement for the plane, they specifically mention this fact: Like many other modelmakers, John Black of Marblehead, Ace Model Yachtman, felt the need for a tool for working on concave sur- faces in wood.

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The last models of the plane are painted grey and have a red lever cap, and very much resemble the Millers Falls' version of the plane.

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