Dating a guy in the airforce

Hell, I've gone out on dates with women who'd accuse me of cheating on my "wife" (who doesn't exist) and idiocies like that.

It's just stupid to be like that to someone for no reason, come on people, wake up!

Keep that in mind before you start calling every military man a cheater an whatnot.

Yes, it happens, I've seen it on quite a few occasions but you can't reject someone just cause of their job.

Give them a chance, see what they're like then decide whether or not you wanna invest your time and affection.

This is the hardest thing that I have ever had to go thru, sometimes I feel like Im all alone, dating myself. yes i would date a guy in the forces, and i can guess that it takes alot of trust between the 2 of u, that the relationship is going to be kept to 1 partner, and not say "a girl in every port".My dad was in the navy, so i have experience of having to wait for months on end, for them to come home, plus the fact that they can have plenty of other women whilst their away from their loved ones!and hey the army isnt so bad now as they have phones and msn to keep in remember when they are miles apart the phone sex can b just as good for each other then when they are there with you.x x x x x x xhey i work away from my b/f but i would never cheat on not the workin away that makes people cheat.if they are that way inclined they will do it no matter what they do.

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I can't remember any woman saying she wouldn't date me simply because I was IN the military. My personal experience the past few yrs has left me with the huge realization that percentage has dropped like a rock. There is nothing more sexy than a man in an uniform.

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