Dating a 34 year old virgin

Then there are people who are confused and ask, ‘But why?

We all have been given one life to live and the personal choices we make shape the very essence of our lives.“I decided to write my book on my abstinence experience when people were continually shocked that I was a virgin.People’s first response after being informed that I’m a virgin is usually, ‘No you’re not,’ justifying their claim by pointing out the way I dress or my outgoing attitude.So I made a private commitment to God that I would wait. I want that person to be my husband.” Jasmine’s decision originated from what she learned growing up in the church: “I was raised in the church and was taught that sexual intercourse was reserved for marriage. I didn’t just stay a virgin because I was told to, but I stayed because I wanted to reserve myself for my husband. It became a personal choice for me.” Shakia, 27, is the founder of the Bare.Bold&Beautiful Movement and author of an upcoming book that focuses on her decision to be a virgin, as well as the journey of nine other women who have made a similar decision.

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