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They assume because men that are good with women have many partners, therefore the strategies only work for short term relationships.The truth is most men who are good with women do not want a single long term relationship because the benefits a single woman brings to the relationship is not typically greater than the experiences to be had by dating multiple women.Narcissism is characterized: Every one of these traits would be used to describe a jerk.

I could get away with it, but I would be coming from a completely different mindset – my energy would not be one of guilt or trying to get anything from her.I disagree that my charm is superficial, but that could be my narcissistic side talking. I don’t believe manipulation is wrong if the end result is a positive outcome.While psychopathy has a really bad rap for murderers and serial killers, many of those same traits are exactly how I would describe the average girl. I have “tricked” my son into eating his vegetables for example – a manipulative gesture for sure, but one that helped him develop healthy eating habits.But how do you make others want to go out with you in only a few minutes?According to a new study from the , try coming off narcissistic and psychopathic.

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