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The meeting is intended to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research in trapped charge dating and related work.The meeting will consist of both oral and poster presentations, and presentations by research students are especially encouraged.The Minas Astronomy Group (MAG), an informal group of amateur astronomers who meet at Acadia University in Wolfville, NS.The Saint Mary's University Department of Astronomy & Physics The Saint Mary's University Astronomy & Physics Society The New Brunswick Centre (was Moncton Centre) of the RASC. Burke-Gaffney Observatory at Saint Mary's University. Learn about the four supernovae discovered by Centre member Dave Lane, Paul Gray (ex-member) and 10 year old Kathryn Aurora Gray.Contact Amy Coleman at 902-424-6512 for information.For information on public shows, please visit here.

1st Asia Pacific Conference, Hong Kong University, October, 2006. Recent meetings have been held in Washington (1990), Budapest (1994), Burgos (1998), Athens (2001), Yale, USA (2004), Delft (2007), Sydney (2010), Recife (2013) and Munich (2016).

Such discrepancies are in part due to the incomplete fossil record, which, because of missing fossils, underestimates the divergence times, but is also due to statistical biases from the molecular dating studies, (Benton and Ayala 2003), and how fossil constraints are treated (Blair and Hedges 2005).

Moreover, there are major discrepancies between estimates yielded by different methods of molecular dating (Aris-Brisou and Yang 2003; Blair and Hedges 2005; Roger and Hug 2006).

The Halifax Planetarium is now located in Dalhousie University's Sir James Dunn Physics Building. After some years of limited accessibility, in 2009 a small group of volunteers has started occasional public shows.

A small number of school shows are provided by the NS Museum of Natural History.

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